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AWG Numerical Value Of Universal Cell Phone Usb Cable - 翻译中...
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AWG Numerical Value Of Universal Cell Phone Usb Cable - 翻译中...

Compared with other peripheral products, universal cell phone usb cable may have a good gross profit margin, but the unit price is not high. Based on the fact that AWG value is relatively small and the cost is relatively high, the consumers who have knowledge and requirements are limited anyway. Wire rod manufacturers naturally take the price as the orientation, and the length of the same meter mostly falls in the range of 70-110 yuan.

In addition to the low price, the product packaging is mostly very good, and it is rarely packed in cartons as shown below, with less clear specifications. In other words, in other words, the USB cable market tends to expel the good from the bad, and it depends on a bit of luck to buy a good quality cable. But as long as you are willing to spend a little more time looking carefully, even if you look for clues and comparisons through the good plastic bags, it will not be too difficult to find the right products.

In summary, selecting a suitable USB charging cable is very simple.

1.It is suggested to choose at least 26AWG specifications for smart phones. Tablets are based on 24AWG. However, it should be noted that the output current specifications of power sources such as USB charger and mobile power supply are larger than the input current of device design, thus purchasing high-specification USB wire can be meaningful.

2.If the appearance of cables of the same specification is different, the thicker one is better in theory. Leave aside the defective products without corresponding specification conductor. The same specifications are different in thickness. The product with thinner thread may be simplified in isolation layer. Even if this does not affect the effect of power transmission, bending durability may be slightly affected. Therefore, everything is guided by the rule that material defecation is beauty.

3.Choose the appropriate length. If the daily application has a variety of different length requirements, you may as well spend a little more money and buy several usb lines of different lengths for daily use. Because the cable has impedance, it will cause loss of conduction voltage and current. Although we have not discussed this part of information in detail, it is better to choose the appropriate length when you are purchasing.

Above all, I hope it will be helpful for you to establish the concept of wire purchase. Next time, these specifications will be combined with the actual charger to further verify the true impact of AWG specifications on the charging speed of universal cell phone usb cable.
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